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Mission Statement

By generating comprehensive hockey scouting data designed to assist coaches and management in making informed recruitment decisions, Apex Intel aims to conserve time for hockey personnel to allow the reallocation of energy and resources to imperative tasks that drive their organization’s success.

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NCAA Div. 1 Players in Minor League Hockey


In the ECHL, as of 4/5/21, 206 of the 373 players in the league came from NCAA D1. Additionally, 9 of the 14 active ECHL teams in the '20-'21 season had more than half of their rosters coming from NCAA D1.


In the SPHL, as of 4/13/21, 58 of the 114 players in the league came from NCAA D1. The data also reveals that during the '20-'21 season, 50% of the Top 10 League Point Leaders and 12 out of the Top 25 League Point Leaders came from NCAA D1.



Data Gathered From



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The data is organized into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and designed to be visually appealing, as well as user friendly.

We offer 2 options to our clients. The data categories have been chosen through preferences from various Professional Hockey personnel's recruitment tactics and 4 years of personal experience with this project. 

The "Basic" Package is a fundamental amount of information on the players;
- Name, Position, Handedness, Country, Height, Weight, Age
- Team Captain
- If the player has been drafted by an NHL team
- Games Played, Goals, Assists, Points, Penalty Minutes
- The ranking of those statistics compared to the player's teammates

The "Premium" Package is the all-inclusive version that provides detailed descriptions and information on each available player. All of the data in the "Basic" Package is included, as well as;
- A leaderboard for Forwards and Defense organized into 15              statistic categories
- In depth analytics to provide further insight into the players'              tendencies and value
- A url link to the players' Elite Prospects profile
- Notes that make the player unique such as; awards, family                connections, and anything else that is noteworthy
- Players' Agent name and contact info, if applicable
- A Halfway through the season report to give your staff the chance    to identify players to recruit well in advance
- Division and National standings ranks for the teams


Team and League Websites

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